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Madhusudan masala

Sanchar Powder

Sanchar Powder

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Kala Namak is a form of rock salt that is commonly referred to as black salt. It comes from India’s, Pakistan’s, Bangladesh’s, Nepal’s, and other Himalayan salt mines. Ayurvedic medicine first used black salt for its holistic, medicinal powers. It’s full of insoluble minerals, making it difficult for the body to absorb them.
Indian black salt, or kala namak, is another name for Himalayan black salt. It’s often utilised in cooking, especially in Asian and Indian cuisine, because of its pungent, savoury, and umami flavour. It’s also employed in vegan cuisine to produce an egg-like flavour because of its faint, sulphurous fragrance, which is similar to eggs.
Cooking with black salt is common, and it’s a popular element in Indian cuisine. It has volcanic origins and is composed of sulphur compounds that contribute to its odour and flavour. Iron and potassium chloride are also present

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